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Every project is unique.  Resonne Building & Design is an industry leader, and delivers the most efficient and productive projects from Permits to Punchlist.

Call us when you need a Grading Contractor, Concrete Contractor, & Framing Contractor all in one.

RBD Can take you from Foundation, to Framing, to Finish in one beat.

 Hillside Excavation and grading project.  15 feet below grade, into Bedrock.

Hillside Excavation and grading project.  15 feet below grade, into Bedrock.

Excavation and Grading

Breaking ground is always exciting, but it can also be the first major obstacle in gaining momentum on your project.  We ask the necessary questions to ensure you have everything in place to move quickly.  From confirming Grading Permits to Haul routes for Export and Import, Site Survey and Marking Building Corners, to your GPI and Site Pre-Construction meetings, we can help guide you in the right direction.  

Whether your project is Hillside, Subterranean, or flat pad, we can take care of it.  We can Help clear and scrape your lot, Demo existing structures, over ex and re compact building pads.  We can also help cut and bench lots to required elevations.  We also cut and excavate for Basements.  Call us when you need an excavation and Grading Contractor.

 Subterranean parking garage for Multi Family development

Subterranean parking garage for Multi Family development

Foundation, Retaining walls, and Piles

Determining the Orientation and footprint of your building is the most important and crucial step in getting your project out of the ground.  When your footings and foundation work do not go in level, plumb, and square - everything from Framing to Finish work suffers. Before we begin working we require that we have the Grading plan, Civil plans, along with the site Survey Cut Sheet on hand with Grade and Line, and a fixed Benchmark to determine Elevations.  We can Verify everything you need is in place and ready to go to help minimize the possibility of a delay.

We are a Concrete Contractor, and can provide Shoring, Caissons, Piles and Rebar fabrication.  All types of footings and Grade Beams, Structural MAT slabs and Slab on Grade.  Poured in place retaining walls, Block CMU, and Shotcrete.  We also construct Podium Decks

Call us for any project.  We can take care of any Residential construction, New Ground UP, or Remodel, and any Commercial, Tenant Improvement, or Multi Family. 

 6,000 Sq Ft 3 level custom home.  Built in 2 separate wings with bridge.

6,000 Sq Ft 3 level custom home.  Built in 2 separate wings with bridge.

Framing and Rough Carpentry

A high level of detail must be given to the framing and carpentry work in any project or Custom Home.  Every trade follows the framing, and every finish relies on a square, straight edge, and level surface.  We are experts in wood framing.  Carpenters must think about every aspect and element of a project that will come after their work is complete.  We are committed and dedicated to understanding every detail involved and every dimension of clearance necessary that a custom vision requires, to bring to life.  Call Resonne when you need a Framing Contractor who can deliver on time and in budget.  Call us for any Custom Framing, Production Framing, or Piece work need.