8,000 sq ft. Modern Masterpiece, Los Feliz


Beautiful Modern Custom Home.  Fleetwood automated doors, and a 9 ft tall pivot front entry door.  This home fills with natural light and has a great open floor space.

We are pushing full force ahead.  This Custom Home, modern masterpiece is almost complete.  5 bedroom, 7 bathroom, with a 4 car garage, fully functional wine cellar, bar lounge, and 12 seat movie theater - this is a show stopper.  The detail work in this home is amazing.  The interior is lined with beautiful stone work and Rift white oak.  Each room designed with a unique feel.  Every space in the home Has been custom tailored.

Check out the videos below for a peek into a few of our custom built, interior details.


Pasadena Craftsman.  Built in 1901.

Just started excavation for our basement for this major renovation.  It's crucial that we preserve the history and integrity of this historical home.  We are adding a 500 sq ft basement beneath the existing structure, along with a 2nd story addition.  It really is precise surgery pulling this structure apart piece by piece.  Careful selective demolition is taking place to ensure we do not damage the structure or produce any unnecessary work.