Major remodel, new foundations and framing.  Existing house.  Structural retrofit, wood framing and remodel.  Addition of 3,500 sq ft.  
 Demo of existing Koi pond, over excavate, backfill, and recompact soil.  Add new foundation and slab on grade for new addition at front of house for new movie theater and second floor gym.
 Demo front face of house and add new grade beams, foundation, and slab on grade.  Wood framing of a new movie theater on ground floor and a gym room, addition on second floor.
 Complete removal of exterior surfaces and seismic reftrofit of framing and all new shear wall panel.  New built front first and second floor room additions.
 Demo of exisiting garage at left side of driveway and build new 2 car garage with a guest quarters and room addition.  Utilize existing foundation with added underpinning of footings.
 Second story guest quarters with a rec room below and new 2 car garage.  New full exterior shear panel wrap.  Footprint of existing garage was used.  Completed remodel of existing house and addition of garage and guest quarters.
 Exisitng rear face of house.  Main living room.  Structural reframing of openings to install new floor to ceiling Fleetwood windows.
 Existing rear face of house.  Existing single room and fireplace was removed to create new space for addition.
 Addition of new family room and master bedroom above.  New caissons, gradebeams and foundation installed with a structural slab.
 Excavation for new grade beams and footings 8 feet into bedrock.  Perimeter footings for new 2 story room addition.
 Concrete work- New grade beams and slab on grade complete.  Begin framing new walls for room addition at rear of house.
 Framing of the rear face first floor, large openings for the rear addition.  Interior kitchen and sitting room areas.
 New framing for 8 and 12 gable high ceiling for 1500 sq ft Master bedroom room addition.
 Complete structural reframing of existing openings to install full height Fleetwood windows.
 New steel moment frame and wood framing for room addition at rear of existing house.  Full height custom Fleetwood windows.  Sliding Fleetwood pocket doors at first floor.
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