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Excavation & Grading Contractor In Los Angeles, CA

Other than our concrete & foundation construction, wood framings, we also excel in excavation, demolition, and grading. Our excavation and grading services include digging for water lines & electrical placement, site grading, hauling, foundation excavation, backfilling, finish grading, residential lot excavation, swimming pool excavation, and so on.

All our services are 100% licensed and insured and we use the top standard of safety to protect our staff and your property. We only use superior quality equipment and hire a team of highly skilled and experienced excavation & grading professionals.

Our experienced graders and excavators have achieved the best results and amazing customer satisfaction ratings by striving to complete the projects in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Excavation Service in Los Angeles

At Resonne, we also help with your excavating & demolition needs for your customized requirements of the home and help you get the development on track. We meet the demands of your building with our excavating and land clearing services.

Our company guarantees and assures you that our team will complete the project according to your terms & requirements with top-quality & professional-grade equipment in excavation, demolition, and lot clearing. We have served thousands of clients in Los Angeles in their residential & commercial excavation projects and provided maximum customer satisfaction.Our experienced & skilled excavation & grading contractors can develop all aspects of design and construction for your residential & commercial construction project. In addition to excavation & grading services, our services also include concrete construction, land surveying, permits, material selection, and building your project from start to finish.

Grading Service in Los Angeles

Resonne provides residential and commercial grading construction services. Our contractors have performed all types of complex grading providing the best results. Grading requirements are presented in the engineering and architectural documents for each specific project.

Site grading is the process of producing the elevation of the soil, or slope of the land around a building. It helps to make the surface even or at the same level. Site grading is often performed on a portion of a large property.

Our grading happens in 3 stages- site grading, rough grading, and finish grading. In site grading elevation is created on the soil, or slope of the land around a building to get an even foundation. Rough grading is the stage where proper drainage is installed everywhere on the property and around the building site. to protect from water run-off and flooding. The final step is finish grading that is performed after all required drainage is completed. It helps to improve the soil quality by growing grass, seed, or sod to complete the property.

For over 20 years we specialize in excavation and grading services for both Commercial & Residential projects

Do you have a project on the hillside, subterranean, or flat pad, don’t worry, we provide all our services in every location. Our services include clearing and scraping your lot, demolishing existing structures, over ex and re compact building pads. We also provide cutting and benching lots to give required elevations and excavate for basements.

With years of experience and providing services to thousands of our valued customers in Los Angeles CA, we have risen as one of the best residential & commercial excavation and grading contractors. We have handled all types of simple and complex projects of all sizes excellently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our team of excavating & grading professionals is equipped with top-quality cutting-edge tools and unmatched expertise to achieve excellent results with quality, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

We work 24/7 as your convenience and comfort matter to us the most. Be it a weekend or a holiday, we take care of all your excavation and grading needs diligently so that you can sit home and enjoy your holiday time.

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Trusted Demolition and Grading Experts in Los Angeles & Nearby Areas

Looking for trusted residential or commercial demolition and grading experts in Los Angeles? Then, your search ends here. Whether you want to get rid of an old building, empty the site, or construct a new one, we are here to help. Along with demolition, we also carry expertise in grading and excavation. We can help vacate the land along with the attached utilities, like stormwater and sewer services and salvage items, if required.

We have a comprehensive health policy for our staff and ensure our staff, clients, and everybody involved in the work is always kept safe. So, whenever you need land-clearing services, give us a call. The experts at Resonne will complete the project according to your specifications. We have served thousands of clients and strive to provide 100% satisfaction with our services. Call us for a free estimate today.

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Our highly trained installers won’t be satisfied until you are delighted with our services. Side with Venegas Contracting LLC for quality workmanship and contact us to receive a free estimate.

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