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We provide retaining wall services in Los Angeles. If you are planning to install a retaining wall on your property, then you are in the right place as we provide proper retaining wall construction and placement. We work with you from start to finish to make sure your retaining wall is perfectly installed and also looks appealing.

The reasons and importance of installing retaining walls are:

  • Prevents Soil Erosion: It helps to keep the soil behind them intact. Retaining walls are made strong enough to withstand the force exerted by the soil so that the runoff water would not wash the soil away from your property. 
  • Looks Good: Apart from its other benefits, many commercial projects install retaining walls for their attractive and unique curb appeal to make their landscape beautiful.
  • Safety: Retaining walls provide safety around commercial and residential properties. They help in controlling the flow of water and water flooding around a property, preventing people from slipping or accidents.
  • Slopes: It is difficult to work on steep slopes and retaining walls is the way to work on the slopes and making your project successful. It helps in creating even surface areas and leveling the surfaces. 

Retaining Wall Contractor Los Angeles

At Resonne, we provide all kinds of commercial retaining wall contracting in Los Angeles. 
Types of retaining wall construction that we specialize in  are:

  • Gravity wall: They are often made from mortarless stone or segment concrete units and used to improve the stability of the soil. This type of wall is flexible and does not require a firm footing.
  • Reinforced Retaining Wall: Our reinforced concrete retaining walls are made using steel or geotextiles and in soil reinforcements provide the stability against overturning that is provided by the weight of the wall and reinforcement bars in the wall. 
  • Concrete Cantilever retaining wall: This type of wall is the common type of retaining wall and holds back a significant amount of soil, if well-engineered. 
  • Counterfort retaining wall: These walls act as tension stiffeners and connect the wall slab and the base to reduce the bending and shearing stresses. 
  • Cantilevered wall: These retaining walls are made from steel and concrete and help in converting horizontal pressures from behind the wall to vertical pressures on the ground below. They require rigid concrete footings below seasonal frost depth. This type of wall uses much less material than a traditional gravity wall.
  • Soil nailed wall: These walls are usually constructed in parallel to one another and slightly inclined downward. They help in friction between the soil and the nails and put the nails in tension.
  • Anchored wall: It can be constructed in any style and provides additional strength using cables or other stays anchored in the rock or soil behind it. 
  • Sheet Piled wall: This wall supports the soft soils from collapsing from higher ground to lower ground. It provides high resistance to driving stresses and helps to lightweight. 
  • Apart from the ones mentioned above we also construct pile wall, berlin wall, soil nailing wall, bored pile wall, mechanical stabilization wall, crib wall, green retaining walls, and barrette retaining wall

Professional Los Angeles Retaining Wall Construction

At Resonne in Los Angeles, we provide cost-effective, value-engineered, and scalable solutions to all types of simple or complex commercial properties that have earth retention problems. We provide a wide range of engineered solutions in selecting the most appropriate design and solution specific to your commercial needs. 

Our up-to-date solutions and premium quality tools help to design and develop solutions that are environmentally friendly and in trend in terms of visual appeal and technical standards. Our masonry ensures a durable and sturdy construction that adds beauty to your site and lasts for decades surviving harsh conditions and rough weather.  

We make all necessary considerations before commencing the project by evaluating the soil, location, natural drainage pattern, and any surcharge load to deliver a strong enough structure that fits your needs. We use a wide range of geogrid reinforcements that helps in increasing the opportunity to reuse site-won materials as backfill to the reinforced slope saving a big chunk of your expenses on the export and import of materials and gives the capability to support big loads. 

We take all kinds of customized requests as well. If you have any concept and design in mind, you can discuss it with our design team. Our qualified designers will go way beyond their limits to construct what you visualize and bring your ideas to reality with ease. 

Ensuring Your Retaining Walls Are Up To Code

Retaining walls increases the aesthetic beauty of the commercial property but it includes many other useful benefits like preventing your foundation from soil erosion and sliding. We construct all types of retaining walls from different materials, including concrete, stone, brick, cement blocks.

It acts as a fence between your building foundation and soil that will save the ground around your property from damage and also prevents accidents. 

We provide the most professional construction of commercial wall retaining services in Los Angeles. Our workmanship and masonry on constructing these walls are up to the mark. We follow a strict code of ethics and state guidelines and take care of all the approvals, permissions, and paperwork for making your construction hassle-free.

We provide competitive and affordable prices for all our construction services and never compromise on quality. We deliver outstanding results and work patiently with great accuracy, yet complete all our projects on time. We help you walk through the entire process so that you are familiar with the correct retaining wall design and construction processes.

At RBD we strive hard to continuously update and refine our methods & processes every day. We implement the latest trade and construction technologies and utilize premium quality tools and equipment and the most efficient software and management platforms available in the market.

If you need to request for free quotation or have any questions about our services give us a call today so we can assist you with all of your commercial retaining wall needs.

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At Resonne we are continuing to improve our methods every day. We implement the latest trade and construction technologies and utilize the most efficient software and management platforms on the market today.

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